At NCS, we manufacture our own products

Natural Cleaning Service is a responsible environmentally friendly and people oriented company

Natural Cleaning Service as a responsible company is eco-friendly and people-oriented.

NCS prioritizes the high quality of service, sustainability, and mutual respect.

NCS’s goal is to encourage residents of Copenhagen to responsible procurement of cleaning services taking the health of their household/workplace as a priority and providing fair conditions of employment.

Hygiene & Ecology

The main focus of the company is to protect the health of the building occupants in an ethical & economical way using hygiene practices with no harm to the environment.

​We emphasize a high degree of recycling and minimization of waste, power consumption, and polluting effect on air and water.

Work ethic

We ensure our employees’ competencies and that they maintain a positive internal culture, well-being state, and have a good work ethic.

​We educate employees about how they take care of the environment and enhance their skills.

​We aim for good fair conditions of employment

Customers well-being

We respect all the rules that our customers may have and their requirements.

​We make sure to communicate well and to be solution-oriented.

​We advise our customers on how they can become more environmentally friendly.

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With the environment in mind

Only natural and organic products

No harmful chemicals

Our mission

What NCS wants to tell the customers?

Organic cleaning doesn’t have to be either harder or more expensive. Using natural cleaning methods you take care not only of your own but also of common space.

Clean house. Clear mind.

Everything is yet to come, it is all ahead of us. Together we will make a difference.

What are our products made of?​

To ensure the best quality and 100% natural ingredients, we manufacture cleaning products using renewable raw materials such as bicarb soda, vinegar, salt and dōTERRA ™ CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils.

We work with the local restaurant Juiceriet to provide ingredients such as orange peel for the production of our fragrant vinegar.


​In 2019, I set up a Natural Cleaning Service to offer alternatives to our current way of living and running our households.

The name sends out the message that everything my team uses for cleaning is natural and good for the health and well-being of the planet.

I believe that with our decisions we can work towards a future that ensures a dignified life for present and future generations!

With love

Magdalena-Flisiak Skibicka

100% Customer satisfaction

"Good service and fair price.
Very flexible and convenient. Highly recommend."

John Johnson

"Magdalena provides our family, and our office with outstanding level of cleaning, and it’s all with natural products."


"Wonderful service, heartfelt energy, and great cleaning. I can really only say - Try this company"

Michael Pluszek

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Natural Cleaning Service 

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