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Organic cleaning is a service based on identifying the origin of pathogen or dirt and

applying a right non-toxic substance to it, preventing the spread of diseases.

We are here to achieve hygiene in your household or workplace.

Free introduction visit

On our visit, we introduce you to our products and the art of organic cleaning. We talk about your wishes regarding frequency and amount of cleaning hours, and plan the day for the first cleaning.

Please note that we provide the regular service only

- no one-time or moving-in/out cleanings

no commitment / easy to reschedule / cancel anytime

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With the environment in mind

Only natural and organic products

No harmful chemicals

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Private cleaning

Clean house. Clear mind.

Self-made products made with love

Aromatherapy with doTERRA essential oils

Cleaning materials included

Free introduction visit

We are 100% natural and organic!

PRICE: 299,- /hour

(373,75 inc. VAT)

For business

Let's create the healthy work environment!

Cleaning materials and equipment included

Offer tailored to your needs

Delegate buying all the consumables to us

100% natural and organic

Fixed invoicing

PRICE: 339,- /hour

(423,75 inc. VAT)

Add-on services

We are here for you!

Fridge, oven, microwave cleaning

Recycling, watering plants, changing linens

Getting rid of the limescale

Did you know that you can deduct 26% of each invoice from NCS?

Yes. It is true. Our cleaning service can be registered on your tax return, and you can get a Craftsman Deduction / Service Deduction (A deduction for selected services and craft services that are performed at home). 

Tax value of the deduction is 26%.

Ask us about the details. We are here to help!

Refer a friend

At NCS, we reward our customers for spreading the word about the effectiveness of organic cleaning and our services.

When you refer us to one of your friends who stays with us, you get a 20% discount on your next cleaning.


Healthy House Project

This is an opportunity to learn how to keep your house/workplace clean using organic, eco- and body-friendly products. Follow our social media to stay updated!

100% Customer satisfaction

"Good service and fair price.
Very flexible and convenient. Highly recommend."

John Johnson

"Magdalena provides our family, and our office with outstanding level of cleaning, and it’s all with natural products."


"Wonderful service, heartfelt energy, and great cleaning. I can really only say - Try this company"

Michael Pluszek

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Natural Cleaning Service 

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