Knowledge about ingredients


How vinegar works? Vinegar has about 2,5 pH level which means it’s very acidic. It helps loosen mineral deposits, such as lime, calcium, and rust, dissolves soap scum or grease and removes grime. Its smell evaporates together with undesirable odors in your home. Vinegar (as well as citric acid) reduces the number of pathogens. The […]

NCS organic cleaning in COVID-19 prevention.

The year 2020 showed us that the Earth is what we all have in common and more than before we need to be mindful of the impact of human activity on us and the Planet. Organic cleaning is based on identifying the routes of pathogens spread in the home/workplace and introducing hygiene practices to keep […]

Why we need trees?

You may wonder why a cleaning service wants to discuss the importance of trees and plants…  Let’s say… We are all connected. The forest helps us to breathe and gives us clean air: Did you know that more than 10 people can get nourished by oxygen from a single tree? Well, trees are the typical […]